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The Polk County Community Card is an electronic gift card that makes it easy to support your favorite local businesses and discover some new ones ! The Polk County Community Cards can be used at any participating business in Polk County. Supporting local businesses strengthens our local economy at a time when small businesses need your help most to survive the impacts of the pandemic. So give a gift that keeps on giving and check out our seasonal promotions!

How it Works



Buy a virtual Polk Community Card online that is instantly available from your smart phone or by printing a copy of the gift card.



View the list of participating businesses that accept the Polk Community Card and support local businesses by making purchases in person or online.



It’s that easy to support local businesses and build a stronger local economy!

We Accept Community Cards

You can use your Polk County Community E-Gift Card at a variety of retail, restaurant, service, and entertainment locations, making it easy and convenient to use the same gift card at multiple locations. This makes the Polk County Community Card an ideal gift for any occasion: from employee rewards to holiday surprises, the Community Card works for everyone. New businesses continue to join the merchant network so be sure to check back to find out about the latest small businesses you can support.

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